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The paper packaging industry is the backbone of shengda group. It headquartered in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou city, is a leading paper packaging company in China. The company is comprised of five wholly-owned subsidiaries and one holding company with over 2500 employees. The company principally engaged in the production of a variety of paper packaging products, including food, beverage, cigarette, wine, electronics, household appliance, furniture, chemicals, clothes, foreign traded gifts and the production of corrugated paper and metallized paper. The products vary from the corrugated cartons of refrigerator, furniture and machinery to the paper packaging of label, pill case and tooth-paste etc. The company has the technics of flexo-printing, offset-printing, intaglio pre-printing and silk-screen printing with the advanced equipped facilities and complete production technology.

Currently shengda packaging owns two provincial grade technology centers with the location Of "China Paper Products Research and Development Center" of China Packaging Federation. The company has abundant technical force and provides the holistic paper packaging solutions using the complete workflow from the design, R&D to manufacture, production and testing.

Zhejiang Great Shengda Packaging Co., Ltd
has paper cartons factory and color printing factory, is specializing in the corrugated cartons and corrugated color boxes with the annual production capacity of 20 million square meters.…
Hangzhou Shengming Paper Co., Ltd
is mainly producing corrugated paper cartons. It owns 2500 BHS corrugated paperboard production line, five imported flexo-printing machines…
Zhejiang Shengda Color Pre-Printing Co., Ltd
owns seven color intaglios pre-printing production line whose printing quality is obviously better than flexo-printing machines, and its 2500mm single corrugators, advanced automatic…
Suzhou Asia and America Paper Products Co., Ltd
is located in Wuzhong economic development zone, Suzhou city, is the heartland of Suzhou new district and industrial park Suzhou Asia and America mainly produces the packaging products…
Zhejiang Ideal Packaging Co., Ltd
is Shengda's holding company, is mainly specialized in production of all kinds of cardboard, cigarette trademark, vacuum metallized materials and packaging of foreign traded products and Christmas gifts etc…
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